About Kell Willsen

Kell Willsen is a novelist and occasional poet who mostly writes speculative fiction. Having grown up on a diet of Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, Charles Dickens, Josephine Tey, and more, it’s perhaps unsurprising that her novels tend towards the literary – but only a bit. 

Kell likes cats and dogs equally, can’t decide between Star Trek and Star Wars, and has no strong opinions either way about Marmite. There are those who say that she is not quite normal, and others who claim that she’s not even real. Most people, however, say, ‘Who cares? Get on with the story!’

Finding Kell Willsen

Read some of my poems, extracts, and short stories for free at Writing.Com.

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I’m also on Facebook, and (less often) Twitter.

Contacting Kell Willsen 

You can try sending a message to the Facebook page, but your best chance is probably to comment on a blog post. I’m not particularly communicado yet. 

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