Earther 27

Book One of Fragments

  • Current status: Published 
  • Genre: Literary Fantasy
  • Length: 74,000 words
  • Reading age: 12 and up. Suitable for adults.

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About Earther 27

It’s not so easy to forgive and forget when you’re on the losing side.

Kerrig, Earther 27, is a angry middle-aged man who has lived his whole life under foreign rule. He knows that one day, his fellow-countrymen will rise up against the Outsiders; and on that day, he will stand with them. Until then, he works at his job in the mines, and holds himself apart from the Outsiders.

But then his life is uprooted, and he finds himself on the run with those he despises. One by one all his certainties are destroyed, until he starts to question everything he thought he knew. Kerrig must make his peace with the past before he can change the future; but is it betraying the dead to forgive their killers?

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