The Avlem Burden

Book Two of Fragments 

  • Current status: Brewing 
  • Next step: Outlining 
  • Planned release: Winter 2019
  • Genre: Literary Fantasy
  • Length: unknown 
  • Reading age: 12 and up. Suitable for adults. 

About The Avlem Burden  

All Avlem are born with a Talent, an ability that is uniquely theirs. The more useful the Talent, the more valued the Avlem, and Brinesha’s Talent is very useful indeed. 

She is a Finder – of lost or hidden things, and even of concealed truths (sometimes). Like all things, Talents get stronger with practice. Too bad that the thing Brinesha is best at Finding is trouble. 

Her own stubborn pride sets her up for a fall that seems to spell the end of her life. Now the question is: Can she Find a way back to her old life?