Kell Willsen

Old wounds leave deep scars. EARTHER. Book one of 'Fragments'.

Earther: Book One of Fragments

  • Current status: Editing (July-September 2018)
  • Next step: Formatting for release
  • Genre: Literary Fantasy
  • Length: 70,000 words
  • Reading age:

About Earther

Kerrig is a middle-aged curmudgeon with plenty to curmudge about. His country has been under foreign rule since he was a baby, and his culture is being eroded. But then his life is uprooted, and he finds himself on the run with those he despises. Can Kerrig get over his prejudices and work with his enemies, or will he go completely to pieces?

About Kell Willsen

Kell Willsen is a person who writes stories. She lives in England, likes cats and dogs equally, and has no strong opinion either way on Marmite. There is a theory that says she is deeply weird, and not entirely real. There’s another theory that says “Who cares? Get on with the story already!”.